Camel  Rubber Vietnam Co., Ltd is a wholly foreign invested company which is the branch of Camel Thailand Industries Company. Established in 2003, after over 10 years of development, Camel Rubber Vietnam  Co., Ltd has fulfilled the expectation of Quang Tri authorities. Besides creating many jobs, the company also annually contributes hundreds of billions of Vietnamese Dong to the State Budget. The Company is mainly involved in manufacturing and distributing motorcycle tires and inner tubes. In addition to normal products, it has invested in production lines, machines, technological and technical equipment to manufacture tubeless tires to meet the market diverse needs. So far, its products have been present both in domestic and foreign markets such as Laos, Cambodia, Thailand (Camel Thailand Industries Company will then export those to European and South American countries), as well as to others in the ASEAN region. To affirm its commitment to product quality, the Company has paid special attention to each production stage. Camel brand products are ensured under quality control systems following the ISO 9001:2008 Standard, Thailand Industrial Standards and European E-Mark Standards. Besides building the quality management system, the Company has also emphasized industrial labour safety, which is regarded as top priority. Particularly, the implemented activities include 5S, saying No to labour accident, and communication on Governmental policies related to labours’ benefits. In the past time, in the hard economic context of the world crisis, escalating inflation and credit tightening policy, and rising input costs, industrial manufacturing enterprises have encountered lots of difficulties; many have had to stop or slow down production, and some investment projects were suspended or delayed. However, with appropriate development strategy and sharp mind of the management board, Camel still maintained its stable growth rate in 2011. The first 6 months of 2012 saw thriving growth and significant increase in production. The increase from 100,000 tires and 300,000 inner tubes per month in 2011 to 150,000 tires and 350,000 inner tubes per month in 2012 demonstrated that Camel brand is winning more trust from customers. Human resource development has been paid special attention. In addition to some technicians and engineers sent from Thailand and Taiwan, Camel has also introduced some preferential offers to attract highly qualified labour, such as sending some skilled workers to training courses. At the same time, the Company has always met all its responsibilities toward labourers under regulations. Additionally, there are also policies on allowances, bonuses, assistance, etc. Especially, the most crucial factor of corporate culture has been communicated to each workshop. It is considered the invisible asset which welds together all employees in each enterprise. In Camel, all staff members make up a family and share the effort to support the Company’s development. It is believed that Camel Vietnam Rubber Company will fulfil the needs of national and international customers with products of high quality, deserving its position as a leading tire manufacturer.